ABOUT PNR.istanbul

What is PNR.İstanbul?

PNR.istanbul, is a professional network and research platform serving the building sector, established by the cooperation of Binat Communication & Consultancy and Yapı Medya Communication. Adopting İstanbul as center due to its strong cultural and geographical context, PNR.istanbul aims to create a network among the building sector professionals expanding from Anatolia to nearby geographies and worldwide.

Building sector in Turkey  grew rapidly in the 2000s. With technological advances it  laid the groundwork for development of new projects, stakeholders and innovative materials. In this period, establishing efficient relations has gained prominence. Professionals operating in new markets create opportunities for all of their existing business partners in these markets. PNR.istanbul aims to explore potential markets and development areas, as well as to create an active network among these regions.


PNR.istanbul is a versatile platform aiming to explore new channels and development areas for building products and services produced in Turkey and presents new business opportunities and projects in line with global dynamics and conjunctures.

With whom?

Architectural Firms

  • Working on projects in Turkey and/or abroad
  • Favored in their region due to their quality works

Local Manufacturers

  • Aiming to get into new markets
  • Making a difference by producing innovative products
  • Willing to develop an efficient network

Public Institutions

  • Ministries
  • Economic and commercial affairs offices of embassies


  • Working in construction and export sectors
  • Professional chambers and associations

Local Contractors and Project Management Firms

  • Working in Turkey and abroad
  • Advanced organizational and operational capabilities



Binat Communication & Consultancy

Yapı Media Communication


Banu Binat

International Strategy Development:

Neslihan Şık

Events and Communication:


Nurullah Kaya


Research and content development:

Bilge Erdem

Neslihan İmamoğlu

Sales and Marketing:

Bahadır Erkmen

Candaş As 

Teoman Coşkun

Ayşegül Tuğtepe

Graphic Design:

Gül Dönmez


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